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Before we plunge into this, I wish to caution you never to attempt to evaluate the total probate process. It’ll just impede your progress as a Probate Agent. Simply attempt to understand the way to locate the properties, and when you do your analysis, you are going to become much more acquainted with the probate process. I still learn new stuff with each probate real estate transaction I purchase, sell, and record. You are going to earn as you develop. Attempt to maintain this in perspective.

When I began monitoring probates, I targeted a location, including four cities, approximately eight square miles, and a population of approximately 400,000. I’d been promoting properties in this specific part for the prior fourteen yrs, so I knew the rates. I suggest that you begin in a location you know; or else, atop working this brand new phone system, you’ll also need to educate yourself on the home values to be able to ascertain the proper costs to purchase your customer. Remain in your specialization to begin.

You are going to have 2 choices to begin your tracking. The very first choice is the thing that I did for the very first eight years, which worked out perfectly. The next option is the thing that I do today since I do not target right now and work the whole county. The option is yours.

Probate Initial SYSTEM PROBATE INVESTING SYSTEM (1992 “DF”) Old School GDG work week

Monday through Friday, my area newspaper publishes legal notices, which includes Notices to Administer the Estate. These notices are our starting place. These notices are often printed in the classified, nearby, or maybe sports area next to the Notices of Trustee Sales that you all are likely conscious of. In case you cannot find the notices, phone the county probate office and get where notices are posted on your area. They’re generally printed in the papers in the spot in which the home can be found, but for right now, you are going to have lots to work on. There might, in addition, be considered a legal newspaper in your County that publishes Notices to Administer the Estate; phone your county probate clerk’s home office to inquire about this. The county demands the Notice to Administer the Estate to be printed in a paper of general circulation. This’s the way the term is given away so creditors are able to make their statements against the estate.

The Notice to Administer the Estate is positioned in the papers by the estate’s lawyer (paralegal) or maybe petitioner (executor) on 3 individual days. Every weekday eliminate the Notices to Administer the Estate in your newspaper and also examines them. Only eliminate the notices for that specific day, therefore you do not see identical in the following weeks. Today, let us take a look at the info you are going to need to acquire from the notices to begin your home search. (My brand new 2010 updated Probate Real Estate tracking system is live now).


When you glance at the Notice to Administer the Estate there’ll be a name listed at the top. This’s the individual who passed away. The name is the very first piece of information we are going to use starting our research. We are going to run an In Tax Search, checking out the tax assessor’s rolls, whether online (MLS) and on microfiche to determine in case anyone did actually own some real estate in our goal area. As an agent, you must be ready to operate a Tax Search through your MLS. Note: If the deceased used some AKAs (meaning “also acknowledged as” aliases, etc), maiden names, they’ll, in addition, be mentioned in this case. This’s crucial because the deceased could own several real estate qualities in our target location under another name.


This’s the court number given to this particular situation and our reference number whenever we visit the courthouse. The place of the court in which the file is located is suggested in this specific number. In a probate, the lawyer establishes a file at the courthouse wherein all documents associated with the probate proceeding is maintained and monitored as the probate advances. Probate Agents must know where you can get these files.

In the Notice to Administer the Estate the court case number is preceded by a letter (H) that indicates the file would be saved inside the Hayward courthouse file suit (my area). The other sample begins with the number two, that tells me this file would be maintained at the Oakland courthouse file area. You are going to need to understand your County codes to identify courthouse locations in case you’re much more than a single courthouse to track. Simply call any nearby county probate department or maybe court file room and get just how the case files are given at every court of interest. These files are information that is public and anyone is able to review them. In the documents, you are going to find all important info relating to this specific probate real estate. In my tracking court home places (Hayward/Oakland) the court documents are now preceded by RP00. Because I go straight to every one of the courthouses every week, it is not a huge deal. Here’s what you can do to finding probate leads in california.

In case you’re utilizing your neighborhood newspaper, virtually all of the Notices to Administer the Estate is located at your neighborhood courthouse. When I first started I traveled between the Oakland and Hayward courthouses, though I spent the majority of my researching time in Hayward, approximately three far from my workplace. Living nearby is not required, however; you are able to work some area you want. The key element is how knowledgeable you’re about the spot prices. As an agent, you preferably should be atop this through your MLS.

This provides you with a concept of just how I begin my tracking in Probate Real Estate. As a Probate Agent, this is going to be a part of everything you do every week as you monitor new probates that have real estate. For my DF pupils, we put together their courthouse the exact same way though there might be some changes in how files are accessed as well as the way they’re referenced. This’s an element of why I like being a Probate Agents almost all investors and agents will not accomplish this additional work to discover the properties. Today in 2010 this’s all automated since many courthouses are internet though we still visit the courthouses weekly that are not on the internet and do our investigation. It takes me approximately one hour per courthouse and also driving some time to match the new photos from three courthouses in two different counties just where I monitor probates. This will give me on average hundred new probate property properties each month to the office.